The Marquise Ruffo de Bonneval, née Ghislaine Gillès de Pélichy, celebrated her 90th birthday on 21 December 2003, in the company of her children and grandchildren.

Ms José de Schietere de Lophem, née Clotilde Gillès de Pélichy, was 90 years old on 21 July 2004 and celebrated this with her children and grandchildren on 29 August 2004.

Guillain and Raphaëlle de Radiguès de Chennevière celebrated their golden jubilee on 3 September 2004.

On 16 September 2006, Sister Savina Gillès de Pélichy joined with her family and the Bethany Community in celebrating living under monastic vows for 70 years.

Raphaëlle and Guillain de Radiguès de Chennevière celebrated their 55 years of marriage on 7 September 2008, in the company of their children, grandchildren, cousins and friends.